Christy Sheehan

Fine art & commissions by Christy Sheehan

Christy Sheehan


My Artist Beginning

 I have had a life long interest in fine art. I traveled to Africa in college and studied fine art in Benoni, South Africa. My love for the animals and culture there continued to inspire me and my art. Funny thing is that for a very long time I actually did not like painting at all, I wouldn't do it. Luckily, I had a friend who saw my potential and asked me if I could replicate a painting for her. I told her that I did not paint. She offered me a good amount of money to "try". As a student putting myself through college waiting tables back in the day, I was motivated to say the least.... and so it began. 


My Medium

 I work primarily in acrylic and specialize in exact replica portraits, but have a passion for abstract and abstract realism. My ongoing love for art, education and learning new thing has me consistently practicing new techniques.


My Inspiration

I'm so grateful for my husband, who always supports my dreams and passions, my two little girls and two dogs. The freedom to express my creativity and build my dreams is the best thing I could ever ask for.

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